Choose a Replacement Air Conditioning System That’s The Right Size

Choose a Replacement Air Conditioning System That’s The Right Size

Sooner or later you’ll need to replace your air conditioning system, no matter how well or how often it’s been serviced and maintained. It’s inevitable. As time goes on, the components of your HVAC unit will fail more and more often. Eventually it will make more sense to replace the system than it does to have your Chicago heating and cooling company continue to repair it.

When it’s time to replace your air conditioner, a consultation about the right size for the replacement unit is one of the professional Chicago HVAC services you’ll want to take advantage of. Air conditioners aren’t exactly cheap, and you’ll want to make sure you buy the right size unit for your home.

When we refer to “size” in the context of an HVAC system, what we’re really referring to is the unit’s BTU (British thermal unit) rating – a measure of the system’s cooling capacity. Air conditioners come in different BTU ratings, and it’s important to know “how many BTUs” you need to cool your home. As a general rule of thumb, a unit with a high BTU rating will be needed to efficiently and effectively cool a large home; models with a lower BTU rating are more appropriate for smaller homes.

There’s more than that involved, though – the square footage of your home isn’t the only factor that affects the size of the replacement unit you should install. Your home’s age, how much insulation is in place (and its type), and several other factors can influence the cooling capacity (BTU rating) of the system that your home needs to stay cool and comfortable.

If you choose a replacement system that’s too small, it might not be capable of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Or if it does manage to keep your home cool, it will probably need to run much more frequently than is optimal. Besides causing extra wear and tear (and possibly increasing your repair costs and decreasing the unit’s longevity), your air conditioning costs will be higher than they would be if the unit was the proper size.

On the flip side, a unit that’s too large for your home will use more energy than what is actually needed to keep the home cool. Again, your air conditioning costs will be higher than they would be if your replacement unit was the right size.

That’s why it’s so important to consult with an expert Chicago heating and cooling company when you’re ready for a replacement system. You might be able to estimate what would be the right size for your replacement unit, but why take a chance when you’re making a substantial investment like this? Professional help is just a phone call away. Helping you select your new unit and then installing it is just one of the Chicago HVAC services 24 Heating & Cooling provides.

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