Green tips for staying cool this summer

Green tips for staying cool this summer

It gets hot in Chicago in the summer! Anyone who lives in Chicago knows that you need reliable Chicago air conditioning to stay cool in the summer. However, there are things that you can do at home this summer to save money on cooling costs. In addition, these tips will also save energy and possibly save money on air condition services due to operating your air condition unit on maximum capacity each day.

Simple ways to save money on cooling your home

If you live in an older home, you may need to change or add insulation. Adding insulation can save a lot of money on cooling costs. Sealing ducts and leaks will also prevent your home from being too hot in the summer and help your air conditioning work more efficiently. Change air conditioning filters each month during the summer months to help the unit operate better and install a programmable thermostat so that you are not cooling an empty house during the day. Installing your unit out of direct sunlight will also result in a lower energy bill.

Consider installing a whole-house fan or attic fan to help draw cool air into your home through windows while forcing hot air out through the attic. Using fans in front of open windows when the air is cool outside will also cut down on the amount of energy used by your air conditioner. Fans also help circulate the air to keep rooms cooler. Use window coverings that are designed to block sunlight and heat from entering your home through your windows. Curtains and shades can block up to 80% of solar heat. Consider changing light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs – – they use less energy and do not produce as much heat as incandescent bulbs.

Things you can do yourself to help stay cool

Dress in natural fabrics that breathe and in cool colors that reflect light. Instead of heating up the kitchen during the summer, grill outside, eat salads or other meals that do not require a lot of cooking on the stove or in the oven. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid strenuous activity during the hottest part of the day (you will be more likely to turn the temperature down on the thermostat if you are overheated).

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