How to reduce your summer cooling costs

How to reduce your summer cooling costs

Chicago air conditioning is vital during the summer months; however, the cost of summer cooling can be expensive. Nothing is more important during the summer than a working Chicago HVAC system. It will keep you cool and comfortable when temperatures outside top 100 degrees. However, there are ways you can reduce your cooling expenses during the summer to make staying comfortable more affordable.

  • Landscaping – Planting trees and shrubs in your yard to shade your home can make a big difference in the temperature of your home during the hottest parts of the day. Exterior shading can reduce the inside temperature and cut your cooling costs drastically.
  • Fans – Using fans to circulate the air conditioned air in your home can reduce cooling costs. Ceiling fans are extremely beneficial for moving the cool around throughout a room and keeping you more comfortable during the summer. Floor fans are a great way to bring cooler air indoors at night instead of running the AC each night.
  • Avoid heat producing appliances – Operating the range, oven or dryer during the day increases the temperature in your home and causes your air conditioner to run longer and harder to keep the home cool. Use the microwave whenever possible and try to limit use of these appliances to the early morning or late evening hours when temperatures are naturally cooler.
  • Install a programmable thermostat – Using a programmable thermostat to raise the temperature slightly during the night or when no one is home can save you big bucks on your electric bill each month without a noticeable change in the comfort level.
  • Window coverings – Install solar screen or window films to block the sun’s heat from entering your home. You can also purchase and install special drapes designed to help block the sun’s heat from coming through windows.
  • Maintain your air conditioner – Regularly scheduled air conditioner maintenance and service will keep your unit operating efficiently. A unit that is not maintained will not operate as efficiently causing your utility bills to rise as well as the temperature in your home. 24 Heating and Cooling can help you keep your AC unit operating efficiently with scheduled routine maintenance visits.

If you find yourself needing air condition repair Chicago, contact 24 Heating and Cooling. Our experienced technicians will service Chicago HVAC systems and systems in the surrounding areas. We will have your home cool and comfortable quickly and efficiently.

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