My Furnace Stopped Working. Fast Furnace Repair in Winter.

My Furnace Stopped Working. Fast Furnace Repair in Winter

A properly maintained furnace should be one of your priorities during winter. You don’t want your furnaces quitting on you during the cold months. That is why you must start your maintenance early, like before the winter months come. But on the chance that it did, there are a few fast furnace repairs you can do.

The first thing you can do is to check your furnace filter. A dirty filter can cause your furnace to clog up. It can restrict airflow and in turn, can make your furnace motor work overtime. If this happens, your system will either overheat, your motor burns out, or worse, a complete equipment failure occurs. Replace your furnace filter and see if it begins working again. If it doesn’t, then you probably need to do some more inspection to see if the motor is burned out or it overheated.

Another thing you can check is the flame sensor if you have a gas furnace. Sometimes when the heat sensor is dirty, it can stop your furnace from working altogether. You don’t have to clean this often, once a year is enough.

Check for dust accumulation in your unit. Debris and dirt can cause your furnace to stop working all of a sudden. Vacuum the debris, dust, and dirt out as often as you can. It will ensure that your machine works in full capacity.

Sometimes wires can be the culprit when your furnace stops working. Check them and see if it needs replacing. The first one to check is the thermostat wire. Pull the cord slightly to see if it securely attached. If not, then you might want to call your local furnace service provider to fix it up. In the meantime, if the machine is not working, a space heater can be used to keep warm.

Next, you can check the drainage tube. Sometimes a clogged drainage tube can cause your unit to stop working. The drained water can reach your unit’s flame sensors, which will, in turn, stop the machine from working.

Now, one of the most common reasons why your furnace is not working can be as simple as the safety switch on the furnace door. This switch usually is connected to the fan and burner of your unit. Once this switch is turned on, the fan and burner will not turn on. It’s worth a try to see if this switch is turned off or if it needs replacing.

These quick fixes can help you in a flash when your furnace stops working during the winter.

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