Problems Solved Through Air Conditioning Repair

Problems Solved Through Air Conditioning Repair

Ordinarily, minor air conditioning issues can be handled with timely AC repairs. Like if your air conditioner makes unusual noises like banging or buzzing, this may be the result of a loose component of a clogged filter. Professional air conditioning services can take care of these issues.

If you’re noticing strange odors emanating from your AC, like a burning or moldy smell, that may indicate you have a burnt fuse or mold growth. Air conditioning companies like 24 Heating & Cooling can replace the fuse and affected wires or provide a thorough cleaning of your coils and AC system.

Or, if you are not getting the cool air you need for your home with an erratic operating cycle, it may be an issue with the ducts or thermostat that AC service from 24 Heating & Cooling can help rectify affordably.

Problems Needing New AC Installation

While having a new AC installation can be a costly initial investment, it might be the best option for an old unit or one that continues to break down.

It is not uncommon for air conditioners to last 5 to 10 years. And with proper AC maintenance, that can be extended up to about 15 years. But as the unit ages, breakdowns can become more frequent, so fixing one component may not be the end of it if you have to call for AC service every couple of months. That’s when a new air conditioning installation can help you start fresh.

An air conditioner’s efficiency rating can also drop as it gets older, so it will consume more energy to blow the same amount of cold air, making it less efficient. If you find that your energy bills are higher with the same AC usage, you might want to try a new air conditioner.

There will always be wear and tear to deal with on any type of technology, and that goes for air conditioners too. If your air conditioner’s cycle runs short, it’s a signal that vital components are breaking down, making an AC replacement your best option.

A short cycle occurs when the air conditioner prematurely shuts down and the desired temperature is not reached, followed by the unit starting up again later. It may be a malfunctioning compressor or thermostat. But a 24 Heating & Cooling technician can give you the right AC service you need.

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