Reasons why your air conditioner needs periodic maintenance

Reasons why your air conditioner needs periodic maintenance

During the frigid months of winter, your air conditioner is probably not on the top of your priority list. Chicago furnace repair and Chicago heating are probably more at the forefront of your mind during colder months. However, if you neglect your cooing system, you will likely face expensive air conditioning repair bills. Chicago air conditioning is something you do not want to live without in the middle of the summer and you do not want to spend money on costly HVAC service when temperatures are reaching record highs. To prevent problems with your air conditioner, you should invest in routine maintenance just as you do with your vehicle.

A vehicle that is probably maintained will last for years – the same is true with your air conditioning unit. With routine maintenance, your air conditioner will continue to operate effectively and cool your home even during the hottest Chicago summers. If your air conditioner is not properly maintained, it will become less efficient with each year. Typically, an air conditioning unit will lose about 5% of its efficiency each year that it is in operation. However, by having routine tune-ups and proper maintenance, you can decrease the rate at which the unit will lose its efficiency. .

Furthermore, in addition to regular tune-ups, you should purchase quality air filters and change them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. During the summer, you should change the air filter each month since the unit is working overtime to keep your home cool when temperatures outside are continuing to rise. Having clean air filters will make the unit run better and decrease the chance that it will “freeze up” during peak hours.

Before you agree to a price, ask the technician exactly what will be checked during routine maintenance. A tune-up should evaluate the internal and external parts for wear, check the refrigerant levels and cleaning the coils. Some companies also check the ductwork and thermostats as part of the routine air conditioner maintenance. By having your air conditioner maintained, you will be less likely to face costly repairs during the summer when services are in demand and fees are at a premium.,/p>

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