Taking Care of Your Heating and Air Duct System

Taking Care of Your Heating and Air Duct System

As we are approaching the end of summer, it is the perfect time to schedule an inspection of your duct systems. Most homeowners forget that their ductwork needs to be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis to maintain good air quality in your home as well as keep your heating and cooling system operating efficiently. 24 Heating & Cooling specializes in duct cleaning, inspection, installation and repair. We can handle all of your duct work needs to make sure that your ductwork is in the best condition possible for the safety of you and your family.

Is It Time For Your Ductwork To Be Serviced And Cleaned?

If you find yourself calling a heating and cooling service on a regular basis because you have rooms that are either too cold or too hot, your utility bills seem to be too high for the temperature in your home or your home just never feels comfortable no matter what the thermostat says, it could be your ductwork. The day-to-day heating and cooling of your home can take a toll on your ductwork. An improperly maintained duct system can cost you hundreds of dollars each year in wasted energy in addition to being dangerous for your family.

Problems that we see with heating and cooling duct systems include:

  • Fluctuating temperatures. If your ducts are cracked, broken and leaking, it will be much more difficult for you to control the temperature in your home or in individual rooms.
  • Poor air quality. If your ducts have cracks or loose fittings, harmful particles (i.e. insulation, pollen, chemicals, etc.) enter your home through the ductwork thereby reducing the air quality inside your home. These pollutants can aggravate breathing conditions such as asthma and COPD. These combustion gas fumes from gas appliances could be drawn into cracks in the duct system and spread throughout the interior of your home.
  • Increased energy costs. Leaky ducts can increase the amount of energy used by your heating and cooling system thereby increasing your utility bill. Sealing ducts can help reduce the amount of energy your heating and cooling system uses to regulate the temperature in your home.

Call the Chicago duct cleaning service at 24 Heating & Cooling. Our trained technicians cleans ductwork in addition to inspecting the entire duct system for damages, disconnected ducts, leaks, tangled or crushed ducts and damaged registers. As part of our comprehensive ductwork services, we can seal all registers and grills, insulate ducts in unconditioned areas, seal leaks and connections with mastic, metal tape or aerosol-based sealant and check for back drafting from gas or oil-burning appliances.

Expert Boiler Installation, Repair and Maintenance in the Chicagoland Area

24 Heating & Cooling offers emergency service to Bridgeview, Oak Lawn, Burbank, Cicero and Palos Hills. If you are experiencing problems with the heating and cooling systems in your home, we understand that you may need someone right now rather than waiting until normal business hours to call a technician. Our fast service guarantees that you will not have to wait long to be comfortable in your home again.

Contact24 Heating & Cooling by calling (708) 229-2293. You can also request 24-hour emergency assistance by using our emergency online contact form to have an experienced technician call you back quickly.

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