Three Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Air Conditioning System

Three Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Air Conditioning System

When living in a hot, sticky and possibly humid environment, air conditioning is one of life’s luxuries which often seems like it should be a necessity. However, using your air conditioning system in an incorrect way can waste lots of money and can have an effect on you and your family’s health. Below are some top tips for getting the most out your air conditioning, without it taking the most out of your wallet and your health.

Most climates have a large difference between hot and cold temperatures and as such many modern air conditioning systems are now fitted with hot and cold systems for these extreme times of year. One of the many excellent features of many home air conditioning systems is the ability to be able to move the louvers (the ‘blades’ for laymen) to different angles. It is important to remember that in the cold months, the best direction for hot air is downwards (as hot air quickly rises). Meanwhile, having an icy blast of cold air in hot climates is not healthy for your respiratory system. As such, make sure that the louvers face upwards in hot temperatures as cool air will fall and cool down the room in a manageable way.

Like any regular household appliance, it is important to get those important parts cleaned from time to time. Just like a vacuum cleaner needs filters to be changed to get rid of dust, mites and debris, so too does your air conditioning system. A build up of dust cannot only damage your air conditioning system but can also reduce the effectiveness of the cold and hot air. You should pay particularly close notice to the filters, as these have the most contact with dust and debris.

It might seem an unusual point but having a well-insulated house is good for hot, as well as cold climates. In a cold climate, obviously the hot air is stopped from leaving a house and thus reduces bills. This is exactly the same for a house or flat in a hot climate. By installing insulation in your household, your house will stay cooler for longer and in addition it will be much cheaper to keep it that way!

Following these simple points will help you to make the most out of your air conditioning. But the best decision is, when it comes to air conditioning maintenance, cleaning, heating and other important HVAC work, you should talk and hire a skilful, professional heating and cooling service provider like 24 Heating & Cooling.

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