What is a heat pump?

What is a heat pump?

When thinking about Chicago air conditioning, you probably first think about an air conditioner; however, heat pumps also work to cool your home. In fact, many homeowners use heat pumps for their heating and cooling system. A heat pump works by moving warm air from one place to another. During the summer, a heat pump will move or “pump” the hot air out of your home while in the winter it will pump warm air into your home. The best advantage to a heat pump is that it does not require a separate unit, a furnace, to operate. This means that it uses less energy than most HVAC systems and it does not burn fuel to create heat – – it simply transfers heat from one place to another.

Advantages of a heat pump include:

1. It heats your home – As the name implies, a heat pump can heat your home providing warmth throughout the cold months. Heat pumps work quickly to increase the temperature of a home when you adjust the thermostat.

2. It cools your home – Even though most people think of warming at home when they hear the word “heat pump,” heat pumps are also used to cool homes. In the reverse cycle, the heat pump pulls warm air from inside of your home and deposits it outside. This lowers the temperature of your home and thereby cools the inside.

3. Heat pumps do not burn oxygen – Gas heaters burn oxygen to produce heat; however, a heat pump does not burn fossil fuels and therefore does not burn oxygen. Heat pumps are a much cleaner way to heat and cool your home. They do not add smoke or fumes to the air as they operate.

4. Improves air quality – As the air is circulated throughout your home by a heat pump, it passes through filters. The filters remove dust, mold, smoke and other air containments as it passes through the system. This can improve the air quality throughout your home.

5. Energy and cost efficient – Heat pumps are more energy efficient than other HVAC systems and cost less to operate than most HVAC systems. A heat pump produces a small fraction of the carbon emissions when compared to the combustion process of wood burners. For the money spent, heat pumps produce more heat than gas, electric bar heaters or wood burners.

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