What type of heating system is best?

What type of heating system is best?

Different types of heating systems for different needs

There are several types of heating systems to choose from, but if you are new to this topic, you may not know which one suits your home the best. Commonly installed type of heating systems are fernaces, boilers and radiant heating system, and also heat pumps. Let’s begin with furnaces – the most common heating system in american households .It could be powered with oil, gas or electricity. It heats up the air which is then blown by duct system.

Furnaces are widely avaiable and increasingly more energy efficent, however if it powered by gas, it can be dangerous. Next type is boiler. It works differenty because it heats up the water which is then distributed via radiant heating system like radiators or aluminium panels in floors. The most popular option with boilers is radiant floor heating, which is gaining popularity in the US. Unfortunately, the installation is more expensive than the furance. But it is definitely energy efficent solution and due to lack of air circulation, the allergens are not transferred by air – it’s good for people with allergies.

You may have not heard about heat pumps

And heat pumps, which are not very popular in US. This solution uses refrigerant to absorb heat from outside sources and then use a heat exchanger to transfer it inside (sounds slighlty complicated, but in reality isn’t). Also this solution can be used other way – to cool your interiors.

The most common heat pumps absorb heat from air or the ground. The main advantage is that heat pumps can be used all year to warm and cool your home. They are highly energy efficent. But of course, this is very expensive solution and its efficency depends on the type of land surrounding your home. It much depends on the climate conditions. All in all, you should take these points into consideration and choose the best heating system for yourself!

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