You Have a Right to Expect Good Service from Your HVAC Contractor

You Have a Right to Expect Good Service from Your HVAC Contractor

Whether you’re a homeowner or you’re in charge of the HVAC system where you work, you have a right to expect good service from your Chicago air conditioning and heating contractor. That’s true no matter what type of HVAC service you’re having performed.

You might have called the company because your heating and cooling system is due for its annual inspection, cleaning and maintenance. Or, you might be having a problem with your system and think it needs to be repaired. Maybe you even called because you want to replace your current setup with a high efficiency unit.

It doesn’t matter why you make an appointment with a heating and air conditioning service provider – you deserve good service. Actually, you deserve better than “good” – you deserve the best service in the entire Chicago area.

Here are some examples of the type of service we’re talking about.

  • Your phone calls should always be answered in a courteous, professional but friendly way. If you get an answering machine, you’re entitled to a return phone call within a reasonable period of time. You should expect a call-back within an hour or two, even after business hours.
  • When you call for an appointment, emergencies should be given top priority and scheduled as quickly as possible. You shouldn’t have to wait for more than a few days even for a routine heating and air conditioning checkup.
  • Unless there’s an unforeseeable problem, your service technician should arrive on time for your appointment. Things do occasionally come up, but a conscientious HVAC technician will always phone to tell you there’s been a delay and when his (or her) arrival can be expected. Your time is important, too.
  • When your service tech arrives at your doorstep, he (or she) should identify himself and the company he works for. What’s more, he should arrive dressed in a neat, clean, professional manner. His demeanor should be friendly but professional – businesslike but not surly or aloof.
  • You should always know what the work will cost before the service technician begins. That’s easy if you’re just having a routine checkup performed, but what if repairs are required? Before starting, your service technician should clearly explain the problem and tell you how much the repairs (parts and labor) will cost. Get the estimate in writing whenever possible. Your final bill should not be higher than that amount unless something unpredictable comes up.
  • All work should be performed as neatly and quickly as possible. There will always be some amount of intrusion, but the service technician should try to minimize it as much as possible. Once the work is completed, your home or business should look like it did before the technician arrived. When he leaves, the technician should take all the replaced parts, boxes and packing materials – not leave them behind for you to deal with.

The service techs at 24 Heating & Cooling will give you this type of service. They’re the best in the entire greater Chicago metro area.

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